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Seamless Communication at Istanbul

Finding the right location is very important. We provide access to modern conference rooms in key locations across Istanbul.

Imagine hosting a successful meeting or conference in Istanbul, where every participant can understand and contribute regardless of language barriers. At "Alpha Global", we make it a reality. We offer a unique service that combines fully equipped conference rooms strategically located throughout Istanbul with the expertise of simultaneous interpreters.

If you are hosting a business meeting, "Alpha Global" offers the perfect solution. Let us bridge the language gap and make your business meetings in Istanbul a resounding success.

Moving to a new country is exciting, but language barriers can present challenges. At "Alpha Global", we know that clear communication is the key to a smooth transition. That's why we offer comprehensive translation and simultaneous translation services designed to empower you in every aspect of life in Turkey.

Whether you're here to start a rewarding career, pursue academic excellence or simply make Turkey your new home, we've got you covered. Our team of qualified translators provide translation services for essential tasks such as attending business appointments, finding housing, academic affairs and even office and work relationships.

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