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Efficient Import and Export Solutions for Your Business in Türkiye

Alpha Global

Trading and Consulting Company

At "Alpha Global", we understand the challenges of navigating the complex landscape of international trade, residence, and business operations. With a primary focus on facilitating trade between different countries, particularly Iran, our company goes beyond traditional trading practices. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.


We Put Your Needs First

Import and Export

We have dedicated our expertise to facilitating trade, export and integrated import operations for businesses around the world. With a strong emphasis on reliability, efficiency and integrity, we strive to ...

Academic Advice

"Alpha Global" is a leading provider of guidance and counseling services for students seeking higher education opportunities in Turkey. We serve the educational community with the goal of empowering ...

Legal Consultancy

We redefine the standards of excellence in providing expert legal advice. Our mission is to connect businesses and individuals with professional attorneys who can provide ...

Financial Advice

"Alpha Global" offers access to a network of experienced accountants specializing in a wide range of financial services. From basic accounting to complex financial analysis and tax planning, ...

Company Registration

Do you have a vision for your business in Türkiye?

Don't let navigating the company registration process get in the way of your entrepreneurial spirit. We specialize in guiding individuals and businesses...

Translation Services

Meeting and conference rooms with simultaneous translation.
Finding the right location is very important. We provide access to modern conference rooms in key locations across the city...

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